About us

The real journey of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

It's a quote I use quite often. Because I am fascinated in discover new things. Don’t matter what, it can be places, people, products, experiences etc. It's always fun, exciting, scary, or hard.

At wheretob.uy, we are trying to collect the most beautiful online stores with unique products, worldwide. Do You need something? Then you will find it in one of the stores we listed together with you, our community. 

We believe in great commerce and in passionate people who are trying to do what they love. The e-commerce world is big, and growing every day. Every day people are launching their new store, with the products they love.

Together with you, we are trying to collect the stores, the people and their products. So next time you want to buy something unique, it will be easier to find.

Imagine what you want, find it in one of the lists and explore the products at the store.

I am proud of all the people who help us along the way to build the new version of our platform. Big thanks to Twan, Alex, Tomas, Martin, Iris, Lyda, Ruud and, of course, my partner Birgit.

We are far from ready and our goal is still ambitious. We are working on new features and one of them will be better user profiles. In the near future, we’ll launch a sneak peak of our business plan. With wheretob.uy business, we are creating a toolbox for the shop owner. We trying to create an environment where they can work together and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.

We are trying to make it a lot easier to discover new stores with great products you will love. Start your new shopping journey now. 

High Five!


ps. If you got questions, feedback or just wanna high five our team!? Let us know birgit@wheretob.uy 

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